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The mental, physical and financial wellbeing of people is closely related to each other. Together with our partners, we have built an ecosystem that by a holistic approach helps you and your loved ones to live better.
Our network marketing system provides exceptional carrier opportunities for professional networkers, but you may benefit from simple referrals as well.

Come and live the life you always wanted!

How it works?

Join - Use - Recomend - Earn money

Introduce the system to as many consumers and potential networkers as possible. Teach your customers how to benefit from and recommend the system to their friends and acquaintances. The deeper your network, the more levels you get the commission from. Start new direct lines, this way you can multiply your earnings.

Eight Star Compensation Plan

Our official Compensation plan contains seven attractive bonus types that allows you to build your personal business development strategy according to your preferences.

The cream on the pie is our own security-token, that makes possible to every member above basic level to benefit from the financial result of the brand.


Wanna help others by sharing best practices, to provide professional services, or to lead by example? So you are in the right place.

While our partner’s platform Wellocracy.com provides all the necessary features and services to do so, our business network helps you monetize your efforts.

You don’t necessarily have to build a network. You may simply refer your followers, clients, or friends Wellocracy and its built-in features, including exercise and lifestyle programs and life-changing challenges, education, and motivation.

Or you may provide online services to your clients using Wellocracy, making their experience even more personal and reaching the best results.

In any case, you can be sure, that everybody gets real value for their effort, time and money.

Should you be interested in multiplying positive effects, you just have to invite other like-minded people. Your benefits will show strong relation with the effect reached.

Logo Begin your new career

Starting a new job has never been so easy.

If you have already learned about the opportunities inherent in network marketing, but have not yet been able to take advantage of them, with us, you will find a training and motivation system that makes you confident, it reinforces the knowledge you have acquired so far and provides a solid foundation for reaching the top.

If you like to work as a manager, the company's career system supports you at all levels. Beginner partners are motivated by the fast start bonus, partners building a deep network are supported by attractive multi-level commissions, and those with an extensive network are rewarded by the binary payout scheme.

Become a top driver. The top levels of the corporate career system ensure long-term financial independence. Those who reach these ownership levels can acquire a share of the company's total turnover. For those participating in the ownership program, we set aside 3% of the turnover at each level. This provides real financial independence.


Are you looking for a high return and still safe investment opportunity?

Corpowell is active in three of the hottest, fast growing segments, wellbeing and e-health, online shopping and crypto currency trade. Together with our marketing network structure this provides an unbeatable composition.

As a member you may opt for one of our investor packages and benefit directly from our growth and profit by virtual shares, while always being able to count on our buyback guaranty. Our tokens are indexed each week, in line with our financial results. So it’s easy to follow actual status.

In case you are not interested in working as a networker you may still benefit from our success. Just imagine, a whole network is working for you. A network that potentially duplicates in size every one or two month.

Of course by referrals you speed up your own earnings.

Getting curious?

About us

About Us

CORPOWELL brand of Heartrigth Ltd.

We are a group of conscious-life enthusiastic people, with financial, management, and network marketing backgrounds, and work with some of the best health professionals.

We aim to provide professional help, tools, and products, and to generate opportunities for those who want to live a healthier and wealthier life.
With us, you may make you’re everyday fiscally more active, change your lifestyle and habits, eat better, and be rewarded for these activities by financial tools.

Long-term contracts with our merchant partners ensure that you can always shop at favorable prices in our affiliate stores.

We provide long-term career opportunities and stable passive income to our network partners who are committed and loyal to the matter and the company.